Let me start by saying that I can't believe that it's already September! That's just so crazy to me. I know "time flies" is such a cliche, but wow. It really does go fast. This time of year is my absolute favorite! There's just so much to look forward to. With Autumn comes Lilah's first birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and then Winter brings Christmas (my absolute favorite), and New Years. I'm SO ready and excited to take on the upcoming seasons and everything that comes with them.

Lately, I've been putting a lot more focus on my personal happiness. Sometimes, we try really hard to please everyone else and sacrifice our personal happiness in the process. Now, I'm not saying to disregard everyone's feelings for your own, but I think that taking the time to figure out what lifts your spirits is so important and beneficial to your mental and spiritual health. 

So, I put together a little list of a few things that I do personally that helps make for a happier me. These are just some ideas, and happiness means different things to different people; but, I think they everyone can benefit from a least a few of these ideas. They help me, and I hope they help you too. 


There's something so magical about going to the beach in the summer. 
Maybe it's feeling the sun's warm kiss on your face on a cloudless day, or perhaps it's the way the ocean can make you feel so small compared to it's (seeming) infiniteness. Either way, it is definitely a place that that I consider a neccessary trip this time of year. After all, beach trips just scream summer. 


People say that your life will never be the same after you have kids, and that's true. Others say that your life is over once you have kids. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I remember so vividly standing in my dorm room last year holding that positive test in shock and thinking "wow, my life is really about to change." 

And it did, but for the better.

Sure, there have been some pretty difficult times, but there has been so many more wonderful times to make up for it. Becoming a mom changed EVERYTHING for me, and with Lilah only being a couple of months away from turning one, I wanted to share with y'all some of the lessons and things that I've learned from becoming a mom at 19.


Summer is in full swing now that it's July, and that means sunny days spent getting bronzed poolside, at least for the lucky ones of us. For me, it mostly means work and trying to keep Lilah entertained, while squeezing in as much time as possible with Ryan. Not that I don't love those things (minus working), but summer is a whole lot different than the carefree time I had when I was a kid.

It's been hard to find the time to blog, (sorry for my hiatus!) and I was just lacking inspiration. So, I redid and redesigned my blog to give it a fresh look/start, and now I'm definitely feeling inspired and super pumped to blog as much as I can. So be prepared to see a lot more posts soon!

Even though this summer may not be the "summeriest" of summers, I try my best to squeeze in as much fun as I can, even if that just means going into the backyard to tan and have a popsicle while Lilah is down for a nap. 

One thing that I am super excited about is the fact that I've discovered/rediscovered so many new products and things that I have been really into during this season, and they're way too good to keep to myself, so without further ado, here's 10 things that I've been loving this summer!

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