Let me start by saying that I can't believe that it's already September! That's just so crazy to me. I know "time flies" is such a cliche, but wow. It really does go fast. This time of year is my absolute favorite! There's just so much to look forward to. With Autumn comes Lilah's first birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and then Winter brings Christmas (my absolute favorite), and New Years. I'm SO ready and excited to take on the upcoming seasons and everything that comes with them.

Lately, I've been putting a lot more focus on my personal happiness. Sometimes, we try really hard to please everyone else and sacrifice our personal happiness in the process. Now, I'm not saying to disregard everyone's feelings for your own, but I think that taking the time to figure out what lifts your spirits is so important and beneficial to your mental and spiritual health. 

So, I put together a little list of a few things that I do personally that helps make for a happier me. These are just some ideas, and happiness means different things to different people; but, I think they everyone can benefit from a least a few of these ideas. They help me, and I hope they help you too. 

1. Let go of the past.
This is the most difficult, but also most important thing to do in order to be truly happy. I personally have things in my past that haunt me, and that sometimes negatively impact the life I'm presently living. But, I'm trying to let go of those things. I'm still in the process of this one, but take it from me...letting go of the past and focusing more so on the present and the future will make a huge difference in your life.

2. Spend more time with the people who love you.
This one is pretty easy. If you take the time to catch up with close friends, to go visit your mom, or just spend more quality time with your own family, I guarantee you'll find your spirits lifted. After all, these people love and care about you.

3. Take time to unplug.
Yes, I'll be the first to admit that I have a hard time putting away all my electronics for a while, but I think if I start doing it more, I'll get a whole lot more out of life. While I was on a cruise with Ryan this summer, we didn't have cell signal at all, and it was actually nice. 

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise!
Personally, getting back into fitness has done SO MUCH GOOD for both my physical and mental health. I feel so much more energized, and confident in my body. It's awesome. And, it's proven that exercise releases endorphins, which also help you feel happier! If you don't have an exercise regime right now, I highly recommend that you start one. 

5. Be present.
I say this a lot. We get caught up in looking forward to things (like the weekend), that we forget to enjoy the now. Appreciating the present can definitely make for a happier future. 

6. Try to look on the bright side.
Life is going to throw you curveballs, and you're going to have ups and downs. If you try to find some light in the dark, the bad won't seem so bad and won't keep you down as long. 

7. Give yourself a little "me time" everyday.
Having an almost one year old can make this one a little difficult. I usually get my "me time" when Lilah is asleep. Setting aside a little time a day to focus on yourself will make a world of difference in your outlook on life. 

8. Cut out any negativity in your life. 
Like the quote "destroy what destroys you," cut out anything in your life that is bringing you down. That could be people, activities, social media, or simply anything that is not making you happy. You'll be surprised how much of a difference that makes.

9. Get outside. 
Staying indoors are the time can get a little boring, and you might find yourself feeling sad or down as a result of that. Enjoying some sun and fresh air every so often during the week is bound to get you into a more positive mindset. I love going on walks with Lilah in the early evening. It gets me out and moving, and Lilah absolutely loves it. 

10. Laugh more.
It's simple; if you're laughing you're happy. Studies have even shown that laughing can actually positively benefit your health. So, get out there and have fun!

I hope that you guys found these tips helpful, and I can only hope that each and every one of you are able to become the happiest version of yourselves.

Stay tuned for more posts soon!

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