Hello everyone! Today I'll be talking about my experience sampling some products from a really cute company called Perfectly Posh


Perfectly Posh is a company that focuses on pampering and skin care products that are "as fun as they are good for you." Their products are made with all natural ingredients, which I absolutely love! It's nice to know exactly what's in the products you use on your body, plus natural ingredients tend to have better benefits for your skin.

I was so excited when I received samples from Perfectly Posh to try out and review! I love the concept of the company, and after trying a few of their products, I was really happy to discover that they have absolutely lovely products.

So, I thought that I would make this quick post showing all of you what products I got to try out, and a mini review of my experience with them! I love discovering new skin care, and who doesn't love a little pampering? Even though these products were sent to me, my reviews consist of my honest opinion on the quality of the products. 

1. Amaaazing Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme- $9 (Full Size)

The first sample I gave a try was Posh's Amaaazing Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme. It claims to smell of fresh mint and wild honey and has coconut oil. vitamin E, and aloe in it, all of which are fantastic for your skin! Personally, I'm not a big hand creme user since my skin doesn't get too try, but this is a good product. It was very moisturizing and made my hands really soft while not being greasy. I wasn't a huge fan of the scent (I like more sweet scents), but it was still very pleasant and refreshing.

2. Complexion Perfection Exfoliating Face Wash- $17 

I was kind of hesitant to try this one out. I have sensitive problem skin, so it's scary to try out new facial products for fear of it breaking me out. However, I really wanted to be able to review it so I took the plunge one morning in the shower and wow- this stuff felt amazing on my face! It is an exfoliating facial wash that has aloe vera, peppermint oil, and walnut shell powder. The peppermint oil is very prominent, and it made my whole face tingle and feel so so good. It's quite refreshing and a lovely wake up for a morning shower. My face was left feeling soft, clean, and radiant. I am a huge critic when it comes to face washes, but I was very impressed! 

3. Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Creme- $17

I've had a hard time finding a great facial moisturizer that works with my skin, so I was a bit scared to try this out. However, as the mom of a toddler, I couldn't pass up the concept of a caffeinated facial creme, because let's face it- moms just don't say no to caffeine. Now that I know that I can integrate it into my skin care routine (who would've thought?), I can further my addiction. Anyways, this has aloe vera, caffeine, natural glycerin, orange oil, palm oil, panthenol, vitamin C, and vitamin E to "tighten and brighten," It did it's job. It felt nice on my face, smelled like oranges, moisturized my skin, and didn't make me oilier throughout the day. Did it make my face glow like I was lit within from a thousand tiny light bulbs? No. Is it a solid moisturizer? Yes. 

4. End Mend Fix Spritz Split End-Fusing Serum- $23

I've been growing out my hair, and to be honest, I'm overdue for a trim, so I have a good amount of split ends. I love any hair product that makes the ends of my hair look sleeker. I actually really liked this! It has a really nice smell (amber floral apple), has Argan Oil, citric acid, mango seed butter, and vitamin E, and did make a noticeable difference in how shiny my hair was and how my ends looked after blowdrying. It wasn't a complete transformation, but I really liked it!

5. Easy Peasy Chunk- $9

Last but certainly not least, I got to try out one of Posh's soaps, or "chunks" as they call them. This was hands down my favorite product that I got to sample, all because I am OBSESSED with the smell of this thing. I love all things lemonade, and this smells like true blue non artificial lemonade-y goodness with a small hint of mint. It lathers up well and leaves my skin feeling clean and smelling like summer time. I was so impressed and I'm seriously considering ordering the full size of this little guy. 

That's it! Overall, I'm so happy that I discovered this company, and that I got to try out some of their products! I went into the sampling of these products not expecting much, as I do trying anything new, and ended up really enjoying everything I was sent. 

Have any of you tried products from this company? If so, are there any others you would recommend? I would love to try more products from them. And if you hadn't heard of Perfectly Posh before, you should go check them out! I wouldn't recommend any company or products that I wouldn't use and enjoy myself. 

I hope you liked reading about my experience trying out these new products, and that my reviews help you make a decision should you ever decide to order anything from them. 

Stay tuned for more posts soon! 

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