Hi everyone!
In case you didn't know, my sweet little girl turned TWO last Wednesday! My husband and I decided to rent out a nice pavilion at a local park and invite our closest family and friends to celebrate with us. 

We were blessed with nice weather, good food, and great company. Lilah had a blast playing on the playground right next to the pavilion (and in the dirt of course). It was such a wonderful day! 

I have so many photos I want to share from that day, but since it's not acceptable to post 30 pictures on Instagram at once, I figured this would be the perfect place to share our memories of the day that I'll be able to look back on easily.

So, I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into my little girl's special day! 

And that's it! I hope you liked this quick little post, I'm so happy to share such a fun day with all of y'all through pictures. 

In other news, after seeing some of my favorite blogs/bloggers participate in it, I'm excited to announce that I will be doing BLOGTOBER this year! I haven't decided if I want to participate in an actual challenge or just create a series of Fall/Halloween themed posts, but stay tuned to find out! I am so excited because I absolutely love October and Halloween (it's second to Christmas in my favorite holidays) and it will be so fun to focus my posts for the next month on that. 

So, be on the lookout for my first BLOGTOBER post once October hits!!

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  1. so sweet! looks like she had a great 2nd birthday x

    Erin | Little Bateaux

    1. Thanks Erin! She had a fantastic time. Thanks for taking the time to comment (: xx


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