Hi baby girl, 

Can you believe that it's been two wonderful years since you entered the world at 4:09 pm and changed your daddy and I's lives forever? 

Two years since I held your tiny, warm body in my arms for the first time after a long labor. 

Two years since I kissed your sweet, soft forehead for the first time as you tried to make sense of this bright, scary world that you were thrust in to. 

Two years since the first day of many that I watched you bring joy into the lives of everyone your adorable and hilarious personality touched. 

Two years of growing together, two years of challenges, two years of tickles, laughter, bed time stories, bubble baths, dancing around the living room to your favorite songs, goodnight kisses, and sleepy cuddles. 

Look at you now! You have come so far and I couldn't be prouder of the incredibly sweet, feisty toddler you have become. You've learned so much and taught me more than I could have imagined. Just this past year you've learned to gallop, began to sing your ABCs, say please (and so many more words) in your ridiculously adorable, tiny voice, how to kiss away my ouchies as I do for you, how to try to be patient, and so much more. The list could go on and on. 

Thanks to you I am a better me. You have taught me patience, how to enjoy the little things in life again, how to let go and act silly, how infectious and healing laughter can be. 

I know that I'm still trying to figure out this whole parenting thing, and I'm sorry that I mess up more than I'd like to admit, but I will continue to strive to be the best mommy that I can be for you, because you deserve my best. You are the most important thing in this world to me, and everyday I am overwhelmed by the immense amount of love I have for you. 

So, thank you Lilah for letting me be your mommy, for showing me what actually matters in life, and for pushing me to work harder and be a  better person for everyone in my life. The  day you were born was the best day of my life, these past two years have been the best years of my life, and I can't wait for all the adventures to come. 

Happy 2nd birthday beautiful girl, I love you. 

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  1. I love the bit about how she pushes you to be your best self. This is the heart of parenthood I think.

    1. Thanks Anna, I definitely agree with you! xx


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