Hi everyone! It's time for the second planner review in my planner review series (yay!). Today I'll be talking about the ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner

This is a great option for high school or college students looking for a simple, affordable, planner to help them keep track of all their school assignments and busy lives. 

I'll be breaking this review, like the one before it, into three sections: specifications, pros, and cons. Keep reading to find out why this may be the perfect planner for you!

Specs: What's in it?
  • 7" x 8.5" 
  • Class schedule section
  • Goes from August-June
  • Two page blank monthly calendars 
  • Two page weekly spreads
  • Poly covers (that come in other cute colors like coral)
  • Notes section


  • Cute & simple design! This planner is very minimalist. 
  • Thin & lightweight! I think this is great for those who don't like a big, bulky planner. It really is about the width of an average notebook, making it super easy to tote around in a backpack without taking up too much space!
  • The class schedule section! This is so great for students. I know in my early years of college I would print out my schedule and stick it in a binder. With this, I wouldn't have to do that. I could have my fall and spring schedules (with class name, date, and times) right there in my planner for whenever I needed it. 
  • Space for goals! I love that there is a small section along with the schedule to set your big goals for the year.

  • Spacious monthly boxes! It's so important to have large enough boxes in the monthly spread to actually write in. 
  • The weekly layout! I think this planner breaks the weekly layout into the perfect sections for the average student who really wants to focus on school. There is a huge section to write down any and all assignments, and a special box to write down big assignments like tests and papers. This can really help a student prioritize their time and see what needs to be done first. 
  • Remember to and to-do lists! I love checking things off when I complete them, so the sections with little boxes are a must for me. 
  • Notes pages! I love when planners have blank notes pages in the back. They come in handy when you least expect it. 


  • No color. While I do enjoy a minimalist, black and white design to some extent, I enjoy a small splash of color here and there. That's definitely a personal preference though!
  • Thin pages. These pages are pretty thin, and I think my favorite pens would definitely bleed through. However, most affordable planners do tend to have less thick pages.
  • Only a small "activities" section every day in the weekly layout. It's beneficial to focus on school assignments, but often times students in high school and college also have a lot going on outside of school as well. A bigger section to keep track of those type of things would be a good addition in my opinion. 

Overall, I do really like this planner! This is definitely a fantastic option for students. I really think it would help the average student stay on track and get organized with assignments, and the cute cover design is definitely a plus! 

I hope you enjoyed this planner review! If you're a student in the market for a school-focused planner to help you succeed in your classes this year, I would definitely recommend checking this one out here!

Stay tuned for my next planner review coming up soon!

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Full disclosure: ClassTracker sent me this planner for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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