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Today I'll be sharing two more of my baby must haves with all of you: The Ollie World Swaddle and the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock! These products have been a game changer for me, and I'm so excited to tell you more about them! 

Full disclosure: I received these items complimentary from The Ollie World and Binxy Baby for review purposes. I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to try these products out. I was not familiar with them previously, and I really didn't know what I was missing out on! All opinions are my own. 

Let's start with The Ollie World Swaddle!

Before this swaddle, Landon would ALWAYS break free from his swaddles. He's basically baby Houdini. No matter how snug I thought I would make the swaddle, he'd fight and wiggle his little arms free in no time. If his arms weren't contained, he'd wake up a lot more because of his startle reflex. 

Enter The Ollie World Swaddle

This bad boy is made from custom moisture-wicking material that helps him not get overheated, it adjusts to fit him as he grows (yay for not having to buy multiple sizes of swaddles!), and it opens at the bottom to allow for easy diaper changes (a must during night time). At first I was dubious- was this swaddle really worth the $59 price tag? The answer is YES!

I love the material it's made from. Other velcro swaddles are typically made from a cotton-type of material. I would find that he'd get really sweaty when I swaddled him. This swaddle is made with a patented moisture-wicking thread, instead of just being sprayed with a residue that wears off overtime with washing. It's also a bit stretchy, which is great for a snug fit. Another thing I love about this swaddle is the velcro quality. It does NOT come undone easily, and even after several washes, it is as good as new. I really have to tug hard to get the swaddle undone, so there's no way my little guy is breaking out of it. 

Another thing I appreciate about this swaddle is that it was designed to be worn below the shoulders. This prevents strain from Landon's shoulders being pulled down. It also keeps material away from his face. Once he starts rolling, or goes on to prefer his arms being out, I can easily velcro the swaddle below his arms. The opening at the bottom and the conveniently attached elastic loop allows me to be able to tie the swaddle below his feet no matter his size so he always feels secure. 

This product is everything I didn't know I was looking for in a swaddle. From the quality to the fit, I wouldn't change a thing! Landon instantly slept better with The Ollie World Swaddle as opposed to his nights with a different brand of velcro swaddle. Plus, it came in the sweetest little keepsake box, and also included a nice washing bag. 

If you're interested, CLICK HERE for 10% OFF your first Ollie World Swaddle! (referral link). The swaddle pictured is in the color "Stone." 

Now, onto the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock!

First of all, I think this product is SO awesome and innovative. I had no idea anything like this was out there, and let me tell you, it is genius!

This product is just what it sounds like, a hammock that securely attaches to the sides of most standard grocery carts. It can be used for babies for approximately 6-8 months, or until babies can sit up on their own, and is safety tested. Not only can baby lounge in it, but it can also hold a car seat, and supports up to 50 lbs in weight. There are extra straps to secure a car seat into place. 

The biggest draw of this product is that it clears up room in your cart for groceries or other items. If you've put a car seat into a shopping cart before, you'll know it takes up pretty much ALL of the space in the cart. With the Binxy Baby hammock, you can get all of that space back. I was really impressed the first time I tried it out with Landon.  I love how it kept him at an incline so he wasn't lying flat on his back, and the material is super comfy. It is made with two layers of fabric, and seems like it is really good quality. I also loved how easy it was to attach and un-attach to the cart. 

As far as safety measures, it doesn't just clip onto the cart, it also has a velcro strap to make it extra secure. That coupled with the three point seat belt ensures that your little one remains safe. The only downside I have found with this hammock is that I often have a little trouble unbuckling the clips that buckle Landon into the hammock. However, I'd prefer that they be hard to undo rather than they come apart too easily. I can see this product being a life saver for mamas of twins. There's absolutely no way to safely have two infant car seats in a grocery cart, but with two Binxy Baby Hammocks you can safely have room for both sweet babes PLUS groceries. 

Unnecessary Target runs are so much more enjoyable thanks to this product! I like that I don't always have to lug the whole carseat with me into a store, or baby wear. I picked out and adore the print "Triangles," but there are so many other cute prints to choose from! 

If this sounds something you need in your life, CLICK HERE for 10% OFF a Binxy Baby Hammock! (referral link) 

Well, that's about it! I hope y'all enjoyed hearing about more of my baby must haves, and that if you decide to try out one of them with your own little one, you're as impressed as I was!

Stay tuned for more posts soon!

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